Junior Golf Academy


  • Cultivate social responsibility
  • Develop interactive skills
  • Encourage integrity & etiquette
  • Provide educational opportunities


We place emphesis on 5 key fundamentals:

  • Mental Awareness Skills
  • Physical Fitness Skills
  • Golf Skills (Technical aspect)
  • Rules & Etiquette
  • On-Course Playing Ability skills

Our junior golf instructors follow a SKILL LEVEL CHART to monitor the junior’s progress throughout the year.

The Skill Level Chart consist of the golf skills which comprise of the full swing, putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers, ball flight, on-course performance stats, rules of golf and the physical fitness skills.


  • Physical fitness proficiency session that consist of stretches, agility & strength activities.
  • Golf skills (technical aspect) with the primary objective dedicated to the basic fundamentals such as alignment, ball position, posture, balance and pre-shot routine
  • Rules & Etiquette
  • On-Course playing ability skills program




  • Humphrey Chisanga & Stallion Daka selected to represent Zambia in the BancAbc All Africa Junior Golf Team Championship held at Royal Harare Golf Club
  • Humphrey Chisanga & Stallion Daka invited by the ZOOC Committee to play in Mopani/Redpath Zambia Open 2017


  • Stallion Daka selected to represent Zambia in the 2018 All African Junior Golf Championship which took place at the Royal Dar es Salaam Golf Course, Morocco (Stallion Daka ranked as top Zambian Junior Player)
Mopani/Redpath Zambia Open 2018

Stallion Daka, Francis Musonda and Dominic Musonda invited by the ZOOC Committee to play in the Mopani/Redpath Zambia Open 2018



  • Bibian Ngosa selected to represent Zambia in the BancAbc All Africa Junior Golf Team Championship


Gracious Mwenda and Stalion Daka selected to participate in the S.A Kids Golf International Qualifier which was held at Huddle Park Golf Club between the 21st of October 2017 – 22nd of October 2017

Gracious Mwenda (handicap 30) makes headlines and wins the under/13 girls age group with respectable scores of:

Saturday, 21st of October 2017
Gross Score: 108 (78)

Sunday, 22nd of October 2017
Gross Score: 100 (70)

Stallion Daka (handicap 04) finished in overall 5th position in the Boys Under 15 – 18 age group with respective scores of:

Saturday, 21st of October 2017
Gross Score: 81 (77)

Sunday, 22nd of October 2017
Gross Score: 79 (75)


  • 10 juniors selected out of the 18-man squad (55, 55%)
  • Juniors contributed 117 points out of 205 points (57%)
  • 2019 Objective – 75% of team must be from the Nkana Junior Academy

Central Gauteng Golf Union Junior Winter Tour
Date: 26 June 2018 – 05 July 2018

The following Nkana Junior Academy Students were selected on merit, based on preeminent performances during the course of the year, to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa, to take part in the CGGU Junior Winter Tournaments:

The names are as follows (youngest to oldest):

  • Dominic Musonda (handicap 06)
  • Humphrey Chisanga (handicap 07)
  • Francis Musonda (handicap 05)
  • Stallion Daka (handicap 04)

There were five Junior Winter Tournaments scheduled over the June/July School Holidays:

  • 26 June 2018 – Modderfontein
  • 28 June 2018 – Krugersdorp
  • 02 July 2018 – CCJ Woodmead
  • 04 July 2018 – Houghton
  • 11 July 2018 – Wanderers
  • The Nkana Junior Academy played in three of those events, highlighted in yellow.


    It puts a huge grin on my face to ostentatiously announce to the Nkana Golf Club Membership base that Dominic Musonda, (pic below) traveled to South Africa, with one thing in mind and one thing only, and that is to be crowned the Boys Under 14 Junior Africa Challenge Champion.

    One thing was for sure, nothing was stopping Dominic, even if you put an excavator in front of him.

    I want to take this opportunity to boast about Dominic Musonda; his route to the becoming the Boys Under 14 champion:

    Day 1 – Dominic plays a flawless round of golf and opens his campaign with a solid 75 (3 over par)

    Day 2 – A day to eradicate, but with that said, the biggest learning experience in his life:

    Fast-forward to Hole 15 (4 Over Par) and then the unexpected happens:

    • Hole 16 – A controversial rule decision was made against him, which lead to a 2 shot penalty and Dominic ended up with an 8 on a par 3 (5 over par)
    • Hole 17 – Dominic calls another two shot penalty on himself, as he forgets to move his ball marker back to its original position resulting in a Triple Bogey
    • Hole 18 – Dominic hits his tee shot out of bounds left, recoups and eventually walks away with a double bogey to finish the last three holes in 10 over and finishing the 2nd round on an 86.
    • Dominic 7 shot lead shrinks to 2 shots, with one day to go

    The reason I want to share what transpired on hole 16, 17 & 18, is to elucidate what true champions are made out off. Dominic could’ve easily thrown in the towel, thrown tantrums, be in a huff, thrown his golf clubs around, throw a few swear words in the air, but to my utter astonishment I witness first-hand the aptitude of someone so young to compose himself under the obscure circumstances. He unveiled what a true champion golfer is all about, something a great deal of youngster and adults can learn from:

    • Pure strength of character (determination)
    • His demeanor on and off the golf course
    • His ability to keep his anger in, take the knock on the chin, shake of the bad shots, recoup and carry on like nothing transpired
    • The ability to focus on one shot at a time
    • To be humble, but still the desire to win
    • The ability to adapt to his surroundings

    Day 3 – Dreams come true, a day not to forget

    • Dominic started his day on the back nine (Hole 10). He blocked his tee shot into water right of the fairway. Takes a penalty shot, hit his third shot left and short of the green. Reasonable chip shot to about 2,5 meters. Lips out his bogey putt and walks away with a double. Not the game plan discussed beforehand! (Shaky start) My heart is pounding at 1000 miles per hour.
    • Dominic, either wanted to play a bit of cat and mouse with his playing partners or give me a heart attack, but as he walked onto the 11th tee box, he decided to step on the accelerator and show his true abilities.
    • Hole 11 & 12 makes pars
    • Hole 13 & 14 makes birdies
    • Hole 15 makes an unforced error from 110 meters (pulled his second shot into left hand greenside bunker) and walks away with a bogey
    • Hole 16, 17 & 18 makes pars to end up his front nine on over par, even though he lipped out birdie putts on hole 17 & 18
    • Hole 1 (Back Nine) makes par
    • Hole 2 makes an unforced error from 100m and walks away with a bogey
    • Hole 3 makes par
    • Hole 4, 5 & 6 the mind started playing tricks on him, after hitting all three greens in regulations. Dominic walks away with bogeys on 4, 5 & 6 after putting a ‘beautiful display’ of 3 putting. (I think he wanted to tease his playing partners)
    • Hole 7 he blocked his tee shot right of right of right and ended up in the drink next to the 8th tee box. He had to take another penalty shot. He couldn’t get on to the green for 3, as he had a few obstacles in his way. He walks away with a double bogey
    • Hole 8 makes par
    • Hole 9, the signature hole at San Lameer (a downhill par 3, 190m). The wind was behind the players back – Dominic hits a career best 7 iron to 15 cm away from the cup. Dominic looks up at me with a huge smile on his face, knowing he has just won the Boys Under 14 Age Group.

    Dominic Musonda, stood up to occasion and put up a spectacular display of golf, a sign of a future champion golfer in the making.

    The boys under 15-18 age group:

    • Stalion Daka finished in overall 3rd place on a grand total score of 242.
    • Franics Musonda brawled back like a Jack Russel on steroids and finished in overall 4th place on a Gross Score of 246

    Nkana Junior Academy has come a long way and it is growing from strength to strength every year, something that Nkana Golf Club and its members can be very proud off.

    It is a privilege to be associated with the Junior Academy and I can vow that it’s a force to be reckoned with.

    With all this said, it is my utmost pleasure to conclude this report that Dominic Musonda and Stalion Daka automatically qualified for the Kids Golf World Championship that will take place at Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort – Johor, Malaysia from the 18th – 21st December 2018